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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER - Material Flow Engineer

Posted by: ABR Engineers Jobs

Posted date: 2015-Jan-16

Location: Malaysia

The Material Flow Engineer will provide material flow engineering support for program launches at our customer site. Duties to include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Data collection and plan for every part (PFEP).
  • Data base entry.
  • Complete floor space analysis
  • Provide power material handling vehicle (PMHV) area plan
  • Provide warehouse plan and layout for call material
  • Provide detail for empty containers return, receiving facilities utilization and capacity analysis
  • Provide layout identifying all receiving facilities with maximizing locations
  • Provide feedback to the customer’s material flow engineer and plant to assist in defining receiving plans
  • Utilize tugger tool to analyze route utilization
  • Supplier part packaging data collection
  • Utilize trillium web site to collect supplier packaging data
  • Work with receiving plants to ensure approval and compliance with customer standards.
  • Update suppliers on required changes and approval status
  • AGV path and PMHV material flow
  • Assist in the development of optimal AGV path layout and PMHV flow.
  • Work to minimize the number of vehicles required to support plant operations
  • Blank pallet packaging specifications
  • Develop blank pallet specifications.
  • Identify optimal location of material on pallet.
  • Calculate the optimal number of pallets required to support plant operations
  • Work with plant to approve fleet sizes and packaging specs
  • Line feed equipment engineering
  • Utilize available rack data to identify optimal line feed equipment to support plant operations
  • Work with plant to approve concepts and quantity required.

Job Requirements :


  • Bachelor degree in industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering
  • Minimum  1-3 years in industrial engineering/material handling.
  • Strong material handling background
  • Knowledge of material handling practices and processes
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Skilled in Autocad and Microsoft Excel
  • Must be able to work various hours
Job Title INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER - Material Flow Engineer
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